JPE Bechar


Université TAHRI Mohammed, BECHAR

P.O.Box 417 Route de l’indépendance

08000 Bechar (Algeria).

Tel. +213 (0)49 23 89 88 – Fax +213 (0)49 23 89 88

The  Journal of Physics and Energetics  (electronic-ISSN  : 2602-5787)  is  a  journal  created by  the Faculty of Science of Bechar on the initiative of a group of teachers from that faculty, with the help of the administration.

JPE is an open access journal which covers nearly all areas of physics. It publishes in-depth analyses in the field of general physics and the results of cutting-edge research. The topics of interest are :

  • Physics and Materials Technology
  • Optoelectronics
  • Heat Transfer and Thermal Physics.
  • Theoretical Physics.
  • Computational Physics

The  JPE accepts papers in English or French that comply with the editorial rules of the journal (see template). Publication in JPE is free of charge.

Websites and articles :