A) The criteria required for submission are as follows:

1- The article must be written in English or French, following rigorously our Word template (download1). It must be original or an enhanced reprise of a conference paper. In that case, it must not contain more than 30% of the previous presentation. The number of pages should be more than 4 and should not exceed 20.

2- The article should be submitted by the corresponding author with our presentation sheet (download2) by email to the following address : or A pdf file printed from the article in word JPE template is accepted in the refereeing step. A reply will sent to the corresponding author confirming the reception of the paper by the journal editorial staff.

3- The article shall be sent to two reviewers whose response should be sent within a period of 25 days. The acceptance, revision or refusal of the article, should be processed within a period of about 1 month after the submission date. The revision step shall be performed as quickly as possible.

4- In the case of an unfavorable report, the author of an article may make a recourse to the journal in case he considers that the expertise did not judge the article to its fair value. The journal might ask a new reviewer for notice whether or not to reconsider the article.

5- After acceptance, the corresponding author has to fill the copyright form (download3), and sign it before returning it to the journal.

6- A preprint copy of the article  in PDF will be sent to the corresponding author to lift minor reservations.

B) Recall of the main conditions to publish paper in JPE:

1- Corresponding author has the full approval of all co‐authors for the publication of this article.

2- Corresponding author states that the research underlying this article, that is, ideas, design or originality of the work, are not legally or morally bound to any organization or person who may contest its dissemination.

3- Corresponding author states that this article does not contain all or a part of articles previously published as mere publications, outside conferences. For the latter, articles should not contain more than 30% of the work published in a conference.

4- Corresponding author assumes full responsibility for the contents of its article.

5 -Corresponding author states that the exclusive right to publish this article is assigned freely to the JPE Journal. However, authors may transmit their article privately after a request from a third party has been made to them.

6- In submitting paper to JPE, corresponding author certifies that this article has not already been published elsewhere or is not under consideration by another publisher.